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Apartment Via Garibaldi 41

The apartment is located in the historic center, about 50 meters south of the Chiesa Madre. Following the typical local construction the lower floor has a cross vault, the upper barrel vaults. From there, a staircase leads to the large roof terrace, which releases a magnificent view over the rooftops of the city and the surrounding countryside.


The built in furniture of bathroom, kitchen and cabinets fits unobtrusively into the ancient building with its ornamental paving tiles; Italian furniture design of the fifties forms a counterpoint.

Schlafraum Detail.jpg

Apartment Via Garibaldi 43

Located next to Via Garibaldi 41 the apartment is accessible via the same external staircase. It is suitable both as an independent apartment for 2 persons as well as for the common use of both apartments by larger groups.

The room on the 1st floor spans a 3.70 m high majestic cross vault, on the second floor follows a barrel vault. From there, a small roof terrace is accessible.

Old floors, wooden fixtures and selected furnishings complete the picture.

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